I’m Muriel,

media creator

I’m Muriel,

media creator


My passion and expertise

My Materials

Words, videos, photos, animation


My passion and expertise

My Materials

Words, videos, photos, animation

About me

I have always beens art oriented and creative.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in various ways in performing arts (music and dance) and visual arts (illustration, design, video) along my life. I do believe my extensive and eclectic background enriches every project I take on. Ultimately, I believe I am fascinated by communication, emotions and the quest of beauty.

I can write, design, direct, edit and post produce your story. I can also develop ideas, scripts, storyboards and put great teams together to mix disciplines and create the best narrative materials. I Love to catch projects from scratch and work side by side with the customer so I can offer my creative input after carefully listening to them.

Please Contact Me if you think I can tell the story you need.


Recent Work


Highlighted Projects

Faces2Hearts – Visiting EU funded projects across Argentina

Nelly and I – who had never met before being teamed up for this spectacular professional adventure – spent a month visiting EU funded projects in Argentina. Over 4000 km, 7 videos and a zillion Instagram Stories later, we felt as if we had run a creative production marathon: exhausted but fulfilled.

Calm – All the Small things

Calm is the #1 App for Sleep and they needed portrait videos to convey their soothing message on social.

Global Eclipse Gathering 2020 – Docu Work

I was supposed to leave Argentina on March 30th. Instead, I ended up flying to Patagonia with an adorable motley crew. They came from many different countries to start planning and visualising a big global gathering to share the Solar Total Eclipse that will be seen from the South of Argentina in December 2020. Thankful for the unexpected exciting job and for, once again, being able to change my plans; I packed all my gear tight, borrowed warm clothes (I barely own any) and went on for a professional adventure full of challenges, interesting people and laughter. A project that would require my absolute best at all the skills I had been polishing during my 3 years of nomadism.

Fido Dog Food – Tv Ad: What do you mean only?

This short and funny tv commercial for Fido, a dog food company from India posed various exciting challenges for me.

Done Deal – Life is a Highway

My experience creating Video Ads for Social for the Irish online marketplace Done Deal through Vidsy.co. For this brief, we had to choose our demographics beforehand…

Badoo – Perfect Dates

This project was for Badoo, one of the largest dating apps in the world and we were briefed to create a couple 5 seconds videos and a longer video telling the story of a couple through up to 4 dates. Videos had to be fun, cute and cheeky all at once, just like a Perfect Date.

Rosetta Sessions Photos for Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, the first and one of the biggest players in the digital language learning world contacted me asking for travel photos and captions that would portray moments and places to have #RosettaSessions all around the planet. The photos would be used on their social media sites along with this hashtag to encourage people to download their app and start learning and practicing one of the over 30 languages they offer.

Cancun CEO Search

I was living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in November 2017 when an online acquaintance sent me a link through messenger. Turns out Cancun.com was launching a worldwide search for a dream job: they would pay 10,000 usd a month to a candidate who would travel around the...


Portfolio by Category




Research, Scripts, Treatment, Interviews, Concept Development


All types of commercial shots. 4k cameras. Aerial, Underwater.
Always available to travel

Video Editing

Over 10 years of experience
I work with every non linear editing software


PR, Real Estate, Documentary, Corporate, Lifestyle & Product Shots.

Aerial Images

Drone operation.
4k Photography and Videography.

Underwater Footage

Submarine 4k Photography and Videography.
Rescue Diver PADI License.

2d & 3d Animation

Motion Graphics, logo and characters animation. 3d modelling, rigging, animation and lighting.

Sound Design

Sound Fx, Voiceover Artists Sourcing and Direction, Royalty Free Music Licensing.

Need to tell a story?

Whether you have a very specific task or just a myriad of questions and hesitations, please reach out! I'll be happy to offer my input.

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