Portfolio: Animation

Bloomberg Law – The Shadow Docket and how the Supreme Court uses it.

Motion Graphics and video editing for this informative yet fun explainer video commissioned to me by Bloomberg.
What an honor it has been to be create the visuals for this informative explainer on such an important topic.

Watch and enjoy!

BBC Reel – Rethink – Why the ‘perfect mother’ ideal sets us up for failure

I was commissioned this piece through Storyhunter. The BBC Reel Rethink team sent me the video footage of Melissa Hogenboom talking into the camera and I created all the visuals and sounds that accompany her reflections. What an honor it has been to be create the visuals for this beautiful Animated Essay on such a current relevant topic. Watch...


Research. Scripts, treatment, interviews, concept development

2d Animation

Motion Graphics, logo and characters animation. Storyboards, transitions, stop motion

3d Animation

Modelling, Rigging and Animation for products, characters and spaces.

Sound Design

Sound Fx, Voiceover artists sourcing and Royalty Free Music licensing.

Animation and Motion Graphics are very powerful to convey abstract concepts and any organization’s identity. Whether they are used a complement to other media styles or as the main technique for a  project; it’s almost impossible to do without them these days. I can either take care of animations from scratch to finish; or get a script, a storyboard and work with those.  

Animation Videos

Animation Designs


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