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Music & Dance are very close to me because I worked as a performing artist for many years. I am part of a large network of independent artists both in my home town and internationally. It was just natural to collaborate with them whenever they needed audiovisual work.  As we all grew, both their productions and our work together gained quality and depth, granting me extensive experience in live music shows, music videos, dance videos, nightlife and events, etc. My own personal experience on stage and within a performing body give me a unique understanding when it comes to producing this kind of work. That, paired up with my love and respect for the work of performers and directors, result in artistic pieces that engage the audience from the very first second.


High quality candid shots. Interviews
Always available to travel

Video Editing

Over 10 years of experience
I work with every non linear editing software


Photography was my first passion. Photo stories are my most frequent personal projects

Music & Dance Videos

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Whether you have a very specific task or just a myriad of questions and hesitations, please reach out! I'll be happy to offer my input.

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