Around Water

Creative Uses of the Underwater Housing

Drops up in the air.
An ephemeral constellation.
I’ve always linked them with joy.

My gaze tends to

go where there’s water

and fun.

Turns out my eyes

and body have

identical preferences


I’m obsessed with water, with droplets, with haze, with watery blurs and aberrations. With reflections, sparks, ripples and, oh my! Splashes. They catch my attention and never let go of it. No wonder that very soon after getting my underwater setup I started using it to capture stuff not only under water but also around it.


Water Everywhere

Turning my high quality yet compact Lumix Lx100 into a fully operable underwater camera has expanded my creative possibilities in all types of projects. Whether it be commercial work or personal artistic endeavours, I’ve found myself resorting to it for stuff as diverse as an ad for a meditation app (Calm), second hand marketplaces (Done Deal), Fashion Shoots, Documentary, Festival Teasers, Travel, Surfing, Diving and even spontaneous nuggets of visual poetry here and there.

In the spot

Often times, the housing is not entirely necessary for the shots shared here. However, it’s fundamental in order to get close to the water action and stand in the right spot without worrying about damaging my gear. How else would I dare bring the camera along on a bumpy boat ride, a casual splash around with SUPs or even a walk under a thunderstorm?

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All images and videos shared here were possible thanks to the housing and many times, my unorthodox use of it around water.

Sri Lanka – May 2018

Sitting on a pole like this allows this stilt fisherman to cast minimal shadows which means little to no disturbance of the sea life he’s out to catch. The use of this technique ceased temporarily after the tsunami in 2004 but it’s coming back. I chose to photograph a young man as I hope for this practice to continue to be passed on to the next generation. 

Step 1
Prevent inhalation. If necessary, use your hand to cover the nose.