Badoo - Perfect Dates

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I’ve been working with since mid 2017. A couple months before I discovered this agency style video platform, they were awarded Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight Award for Creativity around video. They have designed a new video production model that focuses on snackable videos for social. As a creator, I can say that the entire experience of working with them is absolutely unique. They connect big brands like Badoo, Aviva or Sainsbury’s to a network of talented creators (like… hmmm myself) to produce exclusive content for social that remains authentic and relatable. This project was for Badoo, one of the largest dating apps in the world and we were briefed to create a couple 5 seconds videos and a longer video telling the story of a couple through up to 4 dates. Videos had to be fun, cute and cheeky all at once, just like a Perfect Date.  

Fast Paced Production

All Vidsy projects have strict deadlines and turnaround times are usually around 5-6 days. This is great for creators because we know exactly when the assignment is due and can estimate pretty accurately when we will be payed. It can, however, be challenging production wise to find the models, locations and get the right weather conditions during the short production window we get. I must admit I love the adrenaline of production because it forces my focus and organisation to be at their highest. All these videos were produced and edited in less than a week. They were also shot in Vienna, a totally new city for me; but I still managed to find the models and locations to accomplish the task.   

Backstage shots of one of the male models on location in Vienna.

Vertical and Short

Social Media has set new standards and habits around video. Working with Vidsy allows us creators to stay updated and on top of this highly dynamic rapidly changing game. It’s not only about adapting the tone to the brand while keeping it authentic but it’s also about producing content that is technically compatible with the company’s Marketing Strategy. What does this mean? Well it usually means capturing the audience’s attention instantly, framing for either portrait, square, landscape or all of them at once. The videos I produced for Badoo’s Perfect Dates campaign were framed vertically, were very short (5, 8 and 20 seconds) and had space that would allow for text to be overlaid without completely covering the action.