BBC Reel - In the Mix: Nalingi Yo

Animation and video editing for a visually striking piece in which Rachel I. Mukendi explores her Congolese heritage
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In the Lingala language ‘Nalingi Yo’ means ‘I love you’.

In this piece, multidisciplinary artist Rachel Isabel Mukendi explores her Congolese heritage and discusses how love translates through the community of black women that surround her and how the language of love is expressed.

As an animator and editor used to working in more informative pieces, finding the style to match Rachel’s surreal visual art and her introspective-meets-experimental narration was really fun and enriching. Here’s what I came up with.

Found in Translation is a series made as part of the In The Mix project, in partnership with BBC Studios TalentWorks, Black Creators Matter and the Barbican.

Produced by Rachel Isabel Mukendi
Animator: Muriel Rebora
Commissioning Editor: Griesham Taan

Live on BBC Reel: