Call of Duty - Funny ads for social

TikTok ads for the mobile version of the biggest first-person shooter video game out there.
TikTok social media content creator

When advertising on social media, brands need content that feels not only native to each platform, but also user generated. For these 2 campaigns, commissioned to me by Vidsy, we were to take inspiration on TikTok’s video trends and apply them to the Call of Duty universe.

This is what I came up with.

Look vs Feel

The contrast between how someone feels when doing something and how they look has already created thousands of hilarious memes across the internet. Here’s the Call of Duty version of that trend that I put together for this fun brief.

Funny Reveals

We are all used to videos that engage us through making us wait: a question that gets answered, a hidden force that is finally shown, a hilarious surprise, a disastrous result for a risky attempt… For the second Call of Duty: Mobile brief I worked on, we were to create TikTok native content all around reveals. It was unlinkely, but we had even more fun than with the first brief.


Showing different stages of a funny transformation is also a popular trend on TikTok. Here’s how my actor and I interpreted it for Call of Duty: mobile.

I produced all these TikTok Ads through Vidsy, as usual. 

I produced all these TikTok Ads through Vidsy


The video trend that uses ingredients mixing as a metaphor for anything is pretty unique to TikTok. Here’s how we suggest you prepare your ideal call of duty squadmate.

 A campaign in Spanish

The latest campaign I worked on for Call of Duty was aimed at the latin American market, so the content we created was in Spanish. But, still, the funny is international enough that anyone can understand and (hopefully) lol at.