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Soothing portrait videos for the #1 App for Meditation
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You have probably heard of Calm. Calm is the #1 App for Sleep and Mindfulness. When I saw the brief for Calm on I jumped right on it. We were meant to find soothing little details hidden in everyday chores and in nature. This is something I tend to do naturally, so I thought I would be a great match. Besides, I had heard good things about the Calm app from friends and acquaintances and was excited to create something for it. Scroll down to watch 7 Portrait Social Media Videos that the guys from Vidsy put together using my footage and one underwater soothing short story  I shot and edited myself. 

Me, Myself and Water

If you have already spent some time in my portfolio or even Instagram account, you know I have a special relationship with water. I am a diver and a surfer and if there is one element that always helps me calm down it is water. It’s no surprise that so many of the videos I made for this brief were about water. Detail shots of water drops while washing dishes, the Caribbean sea kissing the sand on the shore and my favourite: the underwater live action shot for the Feels Like video. 

But it was not only water, I managed to get inspired by air this time too.

Created with Lumix LX100.

Created with Sony a7sii at 120fps.

Feels Like…

The Feels Like video was the longest video we had to make for the brief. I had to feature one model that, by using the Calm App, got transported to a different, relaxing place. I was in Playa del Carmen when we did this brief so I thought I could create an underwater scene in a magical cenote to depict the soothing depths of meditation. The Vidsy Team, always open to suggestions, said I should go ahead and try it out. Here’s the result: 

Shot in Cenote Cristalino.

She: @larubiaperdida


Everytime they open a brief on their platform, the Vidsy team chooses several creators to work on it. For live action briefs like the “All the Small Things” brief was, they often create edits mixing footage shot by different creators. In this great edit below, they featured one of the shots I sent them. Can you guess which one it is?