Client Showcase: Bloomberg Law

Explaining complex issues in an entertaining way
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I’ve been working with Bloomberg Law for over two years now. In 2023, one of our fist videos won an Emmy Award!

The producers send me their scripts, footage and visual concepts which we refine together through storyboarding.

Once we agree on the main design elements and color palette, I go on to create the full video with animations, soundtrack and sound fx.

It’s always a fun challenge to convey complex stories with lots of technical and historical information in an entertaining way.

Watch and enjoy!

Many videos, 1 common challenge

Bloomberg Law is a Bloomberg channel that deals exclusively with legal news, and integrated legal research & business intelligence. So, by definition, the content they produce is full of complexity, technicalities and fine-grained information.

Every time we start a new video together, the challenge to be serious, informative and accurate while also being entertaining and engaging renews itself.

As a storyteller and animator, this challenge is always fun and inspiring to take on. No wonder I decided to make this my first Client Showcase.


The videos as they appear on the Bloomberg Law website.