Client Showcase: BBC Reel

Timeless content for a reflective and sensitive audience.
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Since my first project for BBC Reel, I realized the content we were making differs from most videos out there today. These thought provoking pieces seek to inspire their audiences. They need compelling and poetic visuals that support this effort and engage the pensive audience while they are given time to feel and process what they are watching.

That’s precisely where I come in, and why I enjoy working on BBC Reel pieces so much.

Topics, Rhythm and Tone

Rethinking our ideas about the perfect motherhood, discovering the benefits of ancient meditative practices, seeing love and Congolese heritage through the eyes of a young multidisciplinary artist in London… What do audiences need to open up to these invitations?
This is what I wonder every time I get to edit and animate pieces for BBC Reel. In that quest, I’ve found alternative animation styles and tricks to visually guide, anchor and expand these unique contents.
One of the most challenging parts of these projects was to take Rachel Mukendi’s collages and finding a way to bring them to life through an animation that would heighten rather than cover up their striking surrealism and character. On top of that, for that very same piece, I had to figure out what style of animation could illustrate some very intimate, deep and emotional parts of the script and interviews without visually competing with neither the narration nor the photo collages that Rachel creates. My choice was to use thin line white doodles that never stop gently moving as they get knitted and unraveled over a black background.