Done Deal - Life is a Highway

Ads for Social for the Irish online marketplace, produced through
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I’ve been working with since mid 2017. A couple months before I discovered this agency style video platform, they were awarded Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight Award for Creativity around video. They have designed a new video production model that focuses on snackable videos for social. As a creator, I can say that the entire experience of working with them is absolutely unique. They connect big brands like Badoo, Aviva or Sainsbury’s to a network of talented creators (like… hmmm myself) to produce exclusive content for social that remains authentic and relatable. This project was for Done Deal, an online marketplace focused on helping buyers and sellers of cars in Ireland.  

Fast Paced Production

All Vidsy projects have strict deadlines and turnaround times are usually around 5-6 days. It can be challenging production wise to find the models, locations and right weather during the short production window. All these videos were produced and edited in less than a week in the outskirts of Madrid.

Focus on Demographics

For this brief, the Vidsy team had us choose our demographics at the time of applying. The core idea of the campaign was that there is a car for each phase of life, and Done Deal will help you find your next car. I chose to go for the mid to late thirties parents demographics which meant I’d have to coordinate several actors in shot, including children. It was a lot of fun to figure out the best ways to have the children relax in front of the camera, while giving me the type of action that would be useful. The first shoot I did was the Car Washing because I knew they would enjoy playing with the water and foam. Since I was using my underwater housing, I even had them splash me and the camera to break the ice more quickly. 

Square and Short

Social Media has set new standards and habits around video. Working with Vidsy allows us creators to stay on top of this highly dynamic rapidly changing game. It’s not only about adapting the tone to the brand while keeping it authentic but it’s also about producing content that is technically compatible with the company’s Marketing Strategy. In this case we were asked to produce Square videos and I managed to use my underwater housing and drone to add some spark to my content.