Freeprints - Keeping you on photos

Sweet moments, a wholesome bunch and camera motion for a funky post production effect.

Freeprints is an app that prints your photos for free and only charges for delivery! As a part of this brief, we were asked to portray candid and sweet personal moments that turn into the sort of photos you want to print. But it was not all intimacy and lighting, to make the ad more appealing, we had to shoot in a way that would allow for a funky journey from photo to photo to be created in post. 

A wholesome bunch

This brief required us creators to portray a wholesome bunch. People of all ages and in all sorts of everyday settings enjoying the people they love. So I needed a good variety of models and candid acting. We were asked to send a full edit of the whole Freeprints experience and a set of rushes involving “frozen” moments that became alive as the camera moved in the scene.

Motion & Trackers

The camera movement in the scene had a very clear purpose, to take the viewers into another photo, another frozen memorable moment. In order to achieve this, we were sent placeholders the camera had to move into as the scene became alive (look at the pale green cardboard inside the photo frame at the end of this shot). These placeholders would later be replaced with other scenes submitted by me or any of the other creators who were part of this crowdsourcing of footage.

Crowdsourced Talent

Once I submitted all my footage, I had to wait and see whether some of it would make it through the brand’s selection and get into a final ad. My rushes were part of 2 of the final ads, in a combination with footage submitted by other creators. But I’m sure you’ll recognise the scenes.