Gen AI as a tool

First steps into the latest paradigm leap for us creators

I am part of the generation that played on the street with marbles as kids, saw the birth of internet, wrapped their heads around being glued to a smartphone as adults and is now seeing the unprecedented and inimaginable leap into a world full of Ai. I recognize the utmost importance and magnitude of this new era as much as I acknowledge I cannot anticipate where it will lead. While still in awe, I have always believed the best way to feed creativity and skills is to be curious and willing to learn all new tools. With some things, even if we don’t know exactly how we might use them, we do know that we should understand them. As I started stepping my toes into the Gen Ai realm, i quickly found it useful for communication with customers, brainstorming and reference creation but I do suspect I’ll eventually do much more with it.

The art of prompting


When we give text-to-image Gen Ai a prompt, they typically come back with 4 proposals that allow us to see how precise or broad our prompt is resulting, whether its headed in the right direction and so on. From those first 4 options, we get to create variations or upscale the ones we’re interested in, to get a higher resolution image. One of the fascinating aspects of following the development of this technologies is that, because they feed on volume and trial-and-error, we users get to not only witness but also be an active part of the way they evolve.

 Some initial variations offered by the Ai on prompts I gave it during creative processes for 1- Music Video 2 & 3-Wine labels and 4-Event Production