Hily - Heeey Boys!

Playful Instagram Stories Ads for the new favourite dating app.

You have probably heard of Hily. With more than 40k new users every day, Hily is the fastest growing dating app in the world today. They want to change the rules of Online Dating. Since they are targeting young active people, it makes total sense that they advertise on Instagram Stories. This also means the content I had to produce for them had to be professional but feel natural, organic. When swiping on Instagram, boys had to be interested in this fun and outgoing girls they would see talking to the camera, or reacting to the kind of boys they find online. 

Over the top

This brief required over the top expressions that could feel natural. Over the top but not staged, a subtly balanced combination that could be achieved by using the tone and style native to social media and great talent. Luckily, I already knew who my actress would be.

Trust me, we had a lot of fun shooting this.

A backstage photo showing my improvised tripod and how much we laughed while making these reaction clips.

Swipe, Chat, React

We were asked to shoot 2 types of videos. Both of them should include over the top acting and expressive sounds from my star actress. One would be a collection of negative reactions – to guys found on other dating apps – and positive reactions – to the guys found on Hily. The second video had to feature her reactions to one of the app’s star features: the ice breakers for chats. But this time, she had to confess to a friend how she was feeling about this guy she had just started chatting with.

Once I submitted all my footage, I had to wait and see whether some of it would make it through the final selection and get published. These 2 clips did.

She: @larubiaperdida

Created with Lumix LX100.