Sainsbury’s bank – Hacked the System

Reels videos promoting points and rewards with Sainsbury's bank.
TikTok social media content creator

This very well known supermarket brand needed IG reels to promote their points and rewards program on Instagram. Working through Vidsy, as I usually do for UGC briefs, I created 3 videos following some of the most popular trends on this social network. The trends and tone that make the content feel authentic to IG needed to be combined with a clean aesthetic and a little of the brand’s color presence, without it feeling too obvious. Watch my execution below!

How I Feel

This trend is all about exaggerated yet slick displays of happiness and satisfaction derived from being a Nectar member.

My bank is perfect…

therefore, I can’t relate. In this one I followed the ‘can’t relate’ trend using orange juice and a rolling pin to bring in some orangeness for Sainsbury’s.

I produced all these TikTok Ads through Vidsy, as usual. 

I produced all these TikTok Ads through Vidsy

How I sleep…

I had a lot of fun finding funny positions that could portray the levels of relaxation and peace of mind that being a Nectar member brings.