Snack a Jacks - Yummmbelieavable..!

Remixing TV Commercial footage and still assets to create crunchy ads for social
TikTok social media content creator

Snack a Jacks needed to remix their Tv Commercial footage with packshots and branding assets in order to create a series of social media ads to show off their new flavors. Here’s what I came up with…


I was asked to grab a TV commercial, some branding assets and packshots to capture the uniqueness of each Snack-a-Jacks product and make the viewer want to taste them right away. I used motion graphics and some rotoscoping to create 4 different videos: a landscape longer version showcasing all 3 flavors in the line, and 3 short portrait versions, one for each of the flavors.

I produced all these TikTok Ads through Vidsy

I produced all these ads through Vidsy, as usual.