The Intercept Brasil - Falta transparência, sobra lama.

I was the videographer and drone operator to go with Maria Teresa Cruz to check on the victims of this climate crime in SP, Brazil.

On the night of Carnaval in 2023, the heaviest rainfall to have ever been recorded in Brazil struck the North Shore of São Paulo. The extreme climate event started in the middle of one of the busiest nights for this touristy region. Mudslides, fallen trees, power outage and isolation came soon after, traumatizing inhabitants and visitors alike. 64 people died, all in the most humble neighborhoods where mudslides and floodings displaced thousands.

4 months after the event, Maria Teresa Cruz (The Intercept Brasil) called me to come with her interview a couple survivors who could tell us what had been done and what hadn’t.

Found in Translation is a series made as part of the In The Mix project, in partnership with BBC Studios TalentWorks, Black Creators Matter and the Barbican.

Produced by Maria Teresa Cruz

Videography: Muriel Rebora

Drone operator: Muriel Rebora