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Since 2020, I've worked on a dozen TikTok campaigns. Here's what they're about.
TikTok social media content creator

You have probably heard of TikTok. The newest social media network giant encourages its users to create and watch videos for anything: Dance challenges, pranks, recipes, education, you name it.. The videos are short, engaging and typically fun. The app offers built in features to edit and add effects on the go so everyone, literally everyone, can become a successful video creator. So… what did I, a pre-TikTok video creator, have to offer them for their ads and promos? Scroll ahead and thy shall see…


The first Tik Tok campaign I created videos for had its focus on the boom of home workouts that the whole world experienced as people adapted to lockdowns around the world. In my particular case, it felt extremely natural since working out daily was one of the first habits I had implemented during lockdown. Always with a pinch of fun, the brief requested for one of the videos to portray different characters, one to use a step by step narration and one to offer a combo of exercises people could do at home.  

Create & Share

This brief focused on showing people that TikTok is for much more than choreos or lip syncs. We were asked to create videos that showed off the ease in creating and editing video content right on the phone using TikTok app.

Buckle Up!

By the time I made it into the third TikTok campaign brief, it was summer and South America was experiencing some loosening of restrictions that allowed me to work with my dear friends and models in Brazil.  The requests were to show some camera magic and some educational, yet fun, cooking related content. I came up with the eggs concept and with the clothes swap and teleportation edits you can see below.

Recurring fun

Since those 3 first campaigns, I’ve taken part over and over in more TikTok campaigns and they are always super fun to work on.


Trust me, we had a lot of fun shooting this.

I produced all these TikTok Ads through Vidsy

I produced all these TikTok Ads through Vidsy, as usual.