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The Intercept Brasil – Falta transparência, sobra lama

On the night of Carnaval in 2023, the heaviest rainfall to have ever been recorded in Brazil struck the North Shore of São Paulo. The extreme climate event started in the middle of one of the busiest nights for this touristy region. Mudslides, fallen trees, power outage and isolation came soon after, traumatizing inhabitants and visitors alike....

BBC Reel – Meaning of life series

I was in charge of the title sequence and post production for the first episode of the 'Meaning of Life' series, where BBC Reel journalists explore what gives their life meaning. These results were achieved using motion graphics animation and 3d camera tracking and rotoscoping for the title sequence, all executed within the producer's preferred...

Documenting the hearts of wine

During the time in which I lived the nomad lifestyle, my life long friend Mariana became a sommelier and later on a wine and gastronomy writer. In 2022, on a family trip to Argentina, we arranged for her to take me along on a work trip. She’d be the writer and I’d be the photographer. We spent 5 days in Mendoza visiting producers, chefs, sommeliers and all sorts of passionate people who devote their days to conversing with the Andes and bringing the fruits of the conversation back to the table.

Anna, Olga, Frida and Luna- A story about love, family, diversity and immigration.

Great Big Story was a media company producing micro-documentaries launched in October 2015 by CNN. Their YouTube channel had almost 6 million subscribers in September 2020, when CNN suddenly decided to end GBS in the midst of the global pandemic. Only a couple weeks before, I was commissioned to shoot an interview and b-roll with a unique family in Argentina. The footage captured by me would later be combined with other 6 family portraits around the world to create GBS piece on ‘Family’. This is a peek into that heart warming shot that never made it to its final version.

The quotidian – An unfinished ode to the subtleties that make me feel at home

It was 2003 and I still didn’t have a digital camera. I was taking the foundation year for filmmaking at public University in Buenos Aires. The foundation year was common to many programmes. Facing an entire year of non camera related assignments felt backwards to me, so I enrolled in a private, after-hours visual storytelling workshop and started working on a small personal project that life (or more precisely, death) would make impossible for me to finish.

This is not my home?

Within DearWorld's initiative to collect stories about COVID-19 I had to deliver a portrait (self portrait in my self-quarantined case), the story in the form of a letter and some behind the scenes/archive footage as the PS. I also had to incorporate their style into the portrait, by writing a phrase of the story on the body of the person...

Global Eclipse Gathering 2020 – Part 2

After that first unexpected trip and teaser production in April 2019, I had yet to experience more serendipity with the Global Eclipse Gathering Project. 3 more trips later, I would produce over 20 videos for them…

Faces2Hearts – Visiting EU funded projects across Argentina

Nelly and I – who had never met before being teamed up for this spectacular professional adventure – spent a month visiting EU funded projects in Argentina. Over 4000 km, 7 videos and a zillion Instagram Stories later, we felt as if we had run a creative production marathon: exhausted but fulfilled.

Global Eclipse Gathering 2020 – Docu Work

I was supposed to leave Argentina on March 30th. Instead, I ended up flying to Patagonia with an adorable motley crew. They came from many different countries to start planning and visualising a big global gathering to share the Solar Total Eclipse that will be seen from the South of Argentina in December 2020. Thankful for the unexpected exciting job and for, once again, being able to change my plans; I packed all my gear tight, borrowed warm clothes (I barely own any) and went on for a professional adventure full of challenges, interesting people and laughter. A project that would require my absolute best at all the skills I had been polishing during my 3 years of nomadism.

Souls on Fire

It was a coincidence, but also a result of my persistent stubborn efforts to try and communicate with Kadek, who spoke almost no English, as he was giving me a ride into town on his scooter. We were driving past a small street just 500 meters from our inn, when I noticed the village was bustling with activity. I pointed and asked. He said: "Big...

Documentary is probably my favourite area of work. After several years of studying photography I developed an interest in filmmaking. Back then, cameras were expensive and scarce. I went into filmmaking school only to realize I was more into documentary than fiction, so I swapped to a specific documentary filmmaking school. It took me several years to be able to produce my first documentary film: “Who Looks After” with a borrowed camcoder. It competed in several Festivals and was awarded a Diploma at Krakow’s International Film Festival 50th Edition. Documentary style projects enable a deep connection with those that trust me to tell their story, it brings me great joy and resposability


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