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Around Water – Creative Uses of the Underwater housing

I’m obsessed with water, with droplets, with haze, with watery blurs and aberrations. With reflections, sparks, ripples and, oh my! Splashes. They catch my attention and never let go of it. No wonder that very soon after getting my underwater setup I started using it to capture stuff not only under water but also around it.

Calm – All the Small things

Calm is the #1 App for Sleep and they needed portrait videos to convey their soothing message on social.

Diving was one of my goals upon becoming full-time Nomad. I got my Open Water Certification in Puerto Escondido, on the Mexican Pacific in October 2016, 5 months after leaving home with that goal in my head. The dream had been born in May 2015 when I went to Galápagos Island and realised I would have to come back, but as a diver. Soon after the first certification came the second, cenote dives and the experience of working as the underwater photographer at a dive shop in Mayan Riviera. As I continue to grow my underwater experience, I am already offering all my customers the possibility to enrich their projects with this type of footage. As with every other technical possibility, I use my underwater housing creatively, not always as expected. It doesn’t have to be used strictly underwater, it can also produce amazing results when used in situations where water is splashed or very close, keeping my camera safe and allowing me to produce a wider variety of images for the story we are trying to tell.

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